Flexible concrete mats

Flexible concrete mats (FCM) consist of concrete blocks connected by stainless steel cables. This extremely strong and durable product is used for massive erosion control. FCMs keep the underlying soil in place to protect banks, embankments and canals, but also to protect underwater structures such as bridge piers and docks against scouring. The flexibility of their structure allows easy installation and gives them great versatility.


  • Very high durability
  • Several thicknesses of blocks available
  • Nonwoven geotextile laminated under the mat
  • Cables are looped at the ends for connection and the anchoring of the mat
  • 304/316 stainless steel or polyester cables
  • More than 20% opening between the blocks allowing drainage and vegetation


  • Blocks fixed on the cable, allowing the cutting of the mat
  • Pyramid shaped blocks allowing bending up to 60 ° depending on the model
  • Low-cost alternative to rip-rap
  • Ease of installation even under water


  • Protection of river banks and dikes
  • Protection against scour of underwater structures
  • Descents of boats
  • Pathways and trails
  • Channel lining

Technical doc


Contrôle de l'érosion - Tapis de béton flexibles

Contrôle de l'érosion - Tapis de béton flexibles

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