HYDROSOL CONSTRUCTION Inc. is an affiliate of INNOVEX Inc. specializing in the installation of geosynthetic products and retaining walls. Supported by INNOVEX’s technical expertise and supply network, HYDROSOL CONSTRUCTION is a leader in the industry and will lend you a hand on all your geosynthetic projects.

Environmental concern is a top priority at HYDROSOL CONSTRUCTION and that is why all its members and partners are committed to providing solutions that will help preserve our planet for future generations.

HYDROSOL CONSTRUCTION understands that the team members represent its most important resource. That is why the health and safety at work are our priority values. HYDROSOL CONSTRUCTION is constantly updating its occupational health and safety policy while striving for the ZERO accident objective.

Installation of geomembranes:
our speciality

Our team consists of certified IAGI (International Association of Geosynthetic Installers) welders with many years of experience. In order to meet the highest quality standards, our welding techniques are meticulously adapted to the types of materials used, climatic conditions and conditions specific to each site. Our equipment is well maintained by our welding technicians who are trained in the specific maintenance of each device.  In addition, rigorous quality control enables us to deliver a finished product that surpasses the highest requirements of our customers. Our installation and quality control procedures are conform to the highest industry standard.

Hydrosol construction

expertise – Performance – Professionalism

Regardless of the size of the site and the technical challenges involved, we offer unique know-how to contractors, general contractors and individuals in the civil engineering sector. Our specialists will be happy to assist you in designing your projects and our expertise is available to you throughout Quebec and the Maritimes!


Since its founding in 2005, HYDROSOL CONSTRUCTION offers expertise in several industries:

Installation of sealing geomembranes
  • Waste landfills
  • Mining tailings
  • Emergency basins
  • Rainwater retention basins
  • Oil reservoir tanks
  • Decorative basins for urban or private projects
  • Recovery of light embankments for road structures
  • Various waterproofing needs

Installation of retaining walls
  • Anti-erosion walls in waterfront environment
  • Architectural gabions for public or private projects
  • Walls made of welded or twisted mesh gabions
  • Vegetated walls
  • Concrete blocks walls

Other types of work
  • Installation of various geosynthetic materials
  • Installation of AquaDam® cofferdams
  • Installation of SmartDitch® prefabricated ditches
  • Rainwater retention chambers
  • And others

RBQ  licence : 8321-7695-08

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